We have begun a new Liturgical Year, which takes us into 2017. It is a special year for us, because it marks 110th anniversary since our church was built. As we rejoice and give thanks to God for this gift, we remind everyone about certain basic rules that apply to the House of God:

  • Please mute all noisy devices (e.g. cell phones)
  • Refrain from speaking noisily and a way that would disrupt somebody else’s prayer or meditation
  • Make sure that your clothing is appropriate, e.g. no A-undershirts for men and sport shorts; nothing to revealing or distracting for women
  • Modesty is a key: respect God, yourself and others!
  • All men should remove anything that covers their heads, unless it is worn due to medical reasons
  • Abstain from eating and drinking inside of the church, except for water