For the last couple of months the Saint Joseph Community Center’s first floor has been undergoing an extensive renovation under the leadership of Joseph Nikadon from the Polish Community. He and a few men from the Polish Community have put countless volunteer hours towards our new asset. I am very thankful for that. The renovation of the old convent in order to make it our Community Center is divided into several stages. We anticipate that the first part of it will be ready in June. This includes the entrance room and lounging area (Fireplace Room), main hallway, shorter hallway (with counter window), and kitchenette. The kitchenette will be equipped with a dishwasher, professional grade coffee machine, sink, counters and cabinets.

Next Sunday (July 5) you will have a chance to see what a great place the Community Center is and soon will be. I hope that you will be very much excited about what this Center is going to bring to our Parish and Community. It literally opens tons of new opportunities for us to grow!
Please remember that the Adventures with Jesus classes (a.k.a. Religious Education) has been meeting there since October of last year. At this point I would like you to see our efforts as we are to begin serving coffee, tea, juice and pastries this summer.
The basement area, which needs a serious attention, will host The Youth and Young Adults Room, Children Ministries Room and planned “The New Self” Thrift Store with acquisition room and laundry facilities. At this point we are looking into new heating options in order to make the Center energy efficient. That will require a significant investment, which will pay off quite soon.
As we are slowly but surely seeing the first fruits of our labor, I thank God for His blessings upon our Community and continue to pray for the continuing growth at St. Joseph’s.