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God’s Broadway


God’s Broadway
We are inviting all children to take part in the new program that focuses on singing and acting out short skits about God and faith called “God’s Broadway”. The program takes place on Sundays after 9:00 AM Mass at the Parish Center, during the Coffeehouse. All children are welcome to attend. For more information, please speak to Nathifa.

Kathy DeVerteuil, RIP


With great sadness we are announcing the passing of our parishioner, sister and good friend Kathy DeVerteuil. Kathy died on Thursday, December 11 in the morning. She will be missed but we believe that a great award is awaiting her in heaven. Rest in peace Kathy.

Saint Joseph Community Center


For the last couple of months the Saint Joseph Community Center’s first floor has been undergoing an extensive renovation under the leadership of Joseph Nikadon from the Polish Community. He and a few men from the Polish Community have put countless volunteer hours towards our new asset. I am very thankful for that. The renovation of the old convent in order to make it our Community Center is divided into several stages. We anticipate that the first part of it will be ready in June. This includes the entrance room and lounging area (Fireplace Room), main hallway, shorter hallway (with counter window), and kitchenette. The kitchenette will be equipped with a dishwasher, professional grade coffee machine, sink, counters and cabinets.

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St. Joseph Parish Center

As you may already know, the building across Sutphin Blvd. from the church is in a process of transition into the Parish Center. Although we are at the beginning of a very challenging yet exciting project, we already call it the St. Joseph Parish Center. There are many ideas we entertain that include the use of the Center. We hope to offer this winter a tea, coffee and hot chocolate with some pastries on every Sunday after both Masses. Youth & Young Adults Center will be moved there as well. Also the Liturgical Dance will have its office there. We have also started to work on a Thrift Store. There is still a lot of logistics to be handled before we open the store. Our idea is to wash all washable clothing before we hang it on a rack and present it with style, just as you see it in SoHo or elsewhere. In other words, the shopping experience has to be equally attractive as the prices. We will need a lot of assistance with anything that concerns the Center. We will keep you updated at all times.


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