Baptisms in 2017

The Sacrament of Baptism will be celebrated on the following days in 2017:

February 12, April 22, June 11, September 17 and November 12.

All these days are Sundays. The celebration begins at 4:00 PM sharp. We advise all family members and guests to arrive at our church on time; we will not be waiting for any late comers.

Sacraments at St. Joseph's

Responding to frequent requests concerning publishing prices for major Sacraments at St. Joseph’s, we are publishing them below:

Baptisms: free offering + anti lateness deposit of $50, which will be returned to the family, unless the baptism begins 15 minutes or later after scheduled time. This deposit and required paperwork must be submitted at the Parish Office at least one week before the scheduled baptism.

Weddings: $400 (which includes two musicians) + $100 anti lateness deposit, which won’t be returned if the wedding begins 15 minutes or later after scheduled time. Weddings must be paid in full at least two weeks in advance.

Special Memorial Masses: $400, which includes two musicians.

Weddings - Music

We cannot emphasize enough that a Nuptial Mass or Wedding Service is a time of worship. Any music chosen for your wedding must be appropriate for use in a church. We do not permit secular or popular music. Classical music must be appropriate for use in church, and must be approved. Love songs and poems are very often inappropriate, since they do not express the religious nature of the Sacrament of Marriage, nor do they reflect the special relationship with Christ and His Church involved in the Sacrament of Marriage.

Our church provides professional and capable music ministers to assist you in the preparation of music for your wedding. You may have relatives or friends who would like to participate in the music program of your wedding. This is subject to the permission of the pastor. Not all musicians are familiar with the challenges of singing or performing in a church setting. Not all musicians understand the nuances of playing the organ or piano in a church, or leading a congregation in singing. Just because someone sings does not mean they are appropriate singers for a church Mass or service. For those having a Mass, there are parts of the Mass which must be sung. This is not an option. For wedding services, there may be more leeway, but the same principles come into play. Someone who sings in a recital hall or a lounge may not be suitable for singing in church. Musical repertoire is also something to take into consideration. Your favorite love song may be more appropriate for your wedding reception than in the church. Music used in the church must be religious and liturgical. Our parish cantor and piano player (English) or organist (Polish or English) typically handle the music at all our Masses and services.

Weddings - Decorations

It is most appropriate for families to supply flowers for the church altar for the embellishment of the church sanctuary. Flower pieces can be placed on pedestals by the florists. Other flowers that are appropriate could be placed on the church pews, and other special arrangements can be provided.

We do not allow any additional runners, confetti, or rice to be used on St. Joseph's premises.

Weddings - requirements

  • Catholic parties must provide certificates for received sacraments. These certificates must be issued within six months of the wedding date. You can obtain them from the church where you received these sacraments and have them mailed directly to St. Joseph's. Non-Catholic Christians must also provide proof of baptism, but these may be in any form available.
  • If either party has been previously married, documentation and paperwork must be done to assure that you are free to marry and whether your marriage can take place in the Catholic Church. 
  • Dates and times for weddings are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Weddings can be scheduled for Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, or any weekday, if available 
  • All couples must complete one of marriage preparation courses, commonly known as "Pre-Cana". The Diocese of Brooklyn is offering them in many forms, times, locations and in several languages. You can get more information and register at In the Archdiocese of New York (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island and upstate) you can get all information and register at: The Diocese of Rockville Center is using parish-based programs or FOCCUS
  • A priest or deacon who is a family member or friend will be most welcomed to officiate at your wedding. However, he must be registered as a wedding officiant with the City of New York before this can take place.
  • The couple is responsible for obtaining a proper marriage license. The license must be presented to the parish in advance.