We cannot emphasize enough that a Nuptial Mass or Wedding Service is a time of worship. Any music chosen for your wedding must be appropriate for use in a church. We do not permit secular or popular music. Classical music must be appropriate for use in church, and must be approved. Love songs and poems are very often inappropriate, since they do not express the religious nature of the Sacrament of Marriage, nor do they reflect the special relationship with Christ and His Church involved in the Sacrament of Marriage.

Our church provides professional and capable music ministers to assist you in the preparation of music for your wedding. You may have relatives or friends who would like to participate in the music program of your wedding. This is subject to the permission of the pastor. Not all musicians are familiar with the challenges of singing or performing in a church setting. Not all musicians understand the nuances of playing the organ or piano in a church, or leading a congregation in singing. Just because someone sings does not mean they are appropriate singers for a church Mass or service. For those having a Mass, there are parts of the Mass which must be sung. This is not an option. For wedding services, there may be more leeway, but the same principles come into play. Someone who sings in a recital hall or a lounge may not be suitable for singing in church. Musical repertoire is also something to take into consideration. Your favorite love song may be more appropriate for your wedding reception than in the church. Music used in the church must be religious and liturgical. Our parish cantor and piano player (English) or organist (Polish or English) typically handle the music at all our Masses and services.