We are happy to witness weddings in our beautiful church. Typically, we request the couple that plans on getting married at St. Joseph’s to contact the Pastor at least six months in advance in order to book the church and fulfill all requirements that the Church and the Diocese of Brooklyn imposes on those who are seeking the Sacrament of Matrimony. As practiced world-wide, we can only assist those couples, of which at least one party is a registered member of our Parish Community. We welcome other couples as well as they provide us with a letter of permission issued by a Pastor of either bride or the groom. We do not perform non-denominational, civil, or non-Catholic weddings.


In order to request this Sacrament, please call the Rectory Office. You will then have to meet with the Pastor. As practiced everywhere, we require a copy of the child’s birth certificate in order to complete associated paperwork. You can download the Baptismal Form HERE (PDF) >> Bring this form filled out along with a copy of the child's birth certificate to the Parish Office. The Sacrament of Infant Baptism will be celebrated at the request of at least one parent who is a registered parishioner of St. Joseph Church. No Baptisms will be taken if requested by grandparents or other relatives. Requests from outside of St. Joseph's Community will be taken once a permission is granted by the Pastor of either one of the parents' home parish. In order to request this Sacrament, one of the parents/guardians should call the Rectory Office at (718) 739-4781. If the pastor is not available at the time of the call, he will call you back and discuss with you a convenient date and time for a pre-baptismal meeting with him. This meeting is to take place only when the required paperwork is completed. 

As practiced everywhere, we require a copy of the child's birth certificate. Please, bring this form filled out (the other side) along with the birth certificate to the Parish Office.

Ideally, the newly baptized child should have two godparents: godmother and godfather. Their task is to help the parents in the process of RAISING THEIR CHILDREN IN FAITH. If for some reason the parents are unable to fulfill their obligation, the godparents become responsible for that task. As stated in the Canon Law, at least one godparent is required who is Catholic and fully initiated in the sacramental life of the Church (who is baptized, received first communion and confirmation). The other godparent can be a baptized Christian of other denomination; however non-Christians are not allowed to become godparents due to the fact that they can't fulfill an obligation of raising a child in the Catholic faith.
We, at St. Joseph's, do not require a letter from a respectful pastor (as required elsewhere) who would certify a person's ability to become a godparent. In our view it is a matter of conscience and personal responsibility to God, to the parents of the child and the child itself, that one accepts this important role of a godparent.

A donation to St. Joseph's church, prior to or after the baptism, is much appreciated. Please, insert your donation (cash or check) into a plain envelope, and write on it the name of the baptized child. The amount of donation is at your discretion.

After the Baptism has taken place the record of the Sacrament will be entered in the Baptismal Register of St. Joseph church. In the future you will be asked to produce your child's Baptismal Certificate for the First Communion and Confirmation purposes. You will be able to obtain it from our office. Also, after the Baptism a proper Certificate of Baptism will be mailed to you at the listed address.

We congratulate you the fact that you have a child and we welcome your child as a fellow Catholic Christian here at St. Joseph's.


Spowiedź św. jest dostępna na życzenie. Przed głównymi świętami w roku wyznaczone dodatkowe terminy, w których można się wyspowiadać.

Chrzty św. są udzielane we wspólnie uzgodnionym terminie, którym jest zwykle weekend, z wyłączeniem okresu Wielkiego Postu. Chrzest św. udzielany jest w ramach osobnego nabożeństwa, a nie w czasie Mszy św.

W celu zawarcia małżeństwa w naszej parafii, należy zgłosić się do Biura Parafialnego conajmniej 6 miesięcy przed planowanym ślubem.


Reconciliation (confessions) and spiritual direction is available by appointment. There are special hours of confessions before Christmas and Easter.

We celebrate baptisms at a time that is agreed upon by the family and the priest. We are offering baptisms outside of Mass only. There are no baptisms during Lenten season.