Money Counters

April 3  Pierre Syldor  Paula Toulon  Jean Maurice Clervil 
April 10 Cindy Martin Annete Pottinger  Shanice Daniel 
April 17  Richardine Jones  Enid Pottinger  Christabel Royer 
April 24  Emilienne Fortune  Pierre Syldor   Annette Pottinger 
May 1 Richardine Jones Jean Maurice Clervil Enid Pottinger
May 8 Cindy Martin Shanice Daniel Emilienne Fortune
May 15 Pierre Syldor Annette Pottinger Jean Maurice Clervil
May 22 Enid Pottinger Paula Toulon Christabel Royer
May 29 Pierre Syldor Emilienne Fortune Richardine Jones
June 5 Shanice Daniel Jean Maurice Clervil Annette Pottinger
June 12 Cindy Martin Paula Toulon Enid Pottinger
June 19 Richardine Jones Christabel Royer Emilienne Fortune
June 26 at 10:45 AM Pierre Syldor Shanice Daniel Jean Maurice Clervil

Mass Coordinators

Date Coordinator 
April 3 Sophie N'Sougan 
April 10 Dede N'Sougan 
April 17 Diane Mensah 
April 24 Nathifa Lewis
May 1 Sophie N'Sougan
May 8 Diane Mensah
May 15 Dede N'Sougan
May 22 Nathifa Lewis
May 29 Dede N'Sougan
June 5 Sophie N'Sougan
June 12 Diane Mensah
June 19 Nathifa Lewis
June 26 at 10:45 AM Dede N'Sougan

Ministers of Hospitality

Things the Ministers of Hospitality ought to do:

• Arrive at church by 8.30 (or half hour before scheduled masses).
• Check informational tables and racks so that you are aware of what is available to parishioners when asked.
• Greet parishioners with bulletins (do not put in books), hymnals and missalettes.
• Be at front of church before Father and servers walk down the aisle.
• Allow parishioners to place books on any of the shelves, while giving out the remaining bulletins at this time.
• Once everyone leaves, Reorganize books on carts (hymnals and missalettes)

Date Ministers
April 3
Dede N'Sougan, Jean Maurice Clervil, Pierre Syldor, Wayne Daniel
April 10 Diane Jones, Steve Armand, Koko N'Sougan, Ayele Ayika
April 17
Armelle Kouassi, Jean Luc Bigord, Christabel Royer, Shanice Daniel
April 24 Margaret Coggins, Patricia Chester, Paula Toulon, Guy Lebrun
May 1
Diane Jones, Dede N'Sougan, Wayen Daniel, Ayele Ayika
May 8
Jean Luc Bigord, Jean Maurice Clervil, Paula Toulon, Steve Armand
May 15 Armelle Kouassi, Guy Lebrun, Patricia Chester, Richardine Jones
May 22 Margaret Coggins, Koko N'Sougan, Shanice Daniel, Christabel Royer
May 29 Pierre Syldor, Emilienne Fortune, Diane Jones, Ayele Ayika
June 5 Jean Maurice Clervil, Richardine Jones, Guy Lebrun, Emilienne Fortune
June 12 Armelle Kouassi, Emilienne Fortune, Jean Luc Bigord, Koko N'Sougan
June 19 Dede N'Sougan, Diane Jones, Pierre Syldor, Paula Toulon
June 26 at 10:45 AM Patricia Chester, Margaret Coggins, Christabel Royer, Steve Armand

Eucharistic Ministers


DateHostCup 1Cup 2
April 3 Enid Pottinger Nathifa Lewis Cindy Martin
April 10 Adlette Charmant Larry Lennard Ayele Ayika
April 17 Ghislene Joseph Annette Pottinger Pierre Syldor
April 24 Sophie N'Sougan Fritz Olivier Cecelia Harrigan
May 1 Nathifa Lewis Adlette Charmant Diane Mensah
May 8 Annette Pottinger Ghislene Joseph Ms. Fortune
May 15 Pierre Syldor Cecelia Harrigan Fritz Olivier
May 22 Enid Pottinger Ayele Ayika Larry Lennard

May 29

Cindy Martin Sophie N'Sougan Nathifa Lewis
June 5 Ms. Fortune Pierre Syldor Fritz Olivier
June 12 Cecelia Harrigan Annette Pottinger Larry Lennard
June 19 Enid Pottinger Ghislene Joseph Sophie N'Sougan
June 26 at 10:45 AM Diane Mensah Adlette Charmant Cindy Martin



DateFirst ReaderSecond ReaderIntercessions
April 3 Ayele Ayika Alyssa Acevero Ayele Ayika
April 10 Matthew Diaz Koko N'Sougan Matthew Diaz
April 17 Fritz Olivier Sophie N'Sougan Fritz Olivier
April 24 Larry Lennard Daequan Ward Larry Lennard
May 1 Cindy Martin Alyssa Acevero Cindy Martin
May 8 Lionel Gbonkou Dede N'Sougan Lione Gbonkou
May 15 Sophie N'Sougan Patricia Chester Sophie N'Sougan
May 22 Adlette Charmant Koko N'Sougan Adlette Charmant
May 29 Diane Mensah Daequan Ward Diane Mensah
June 5 Dede N'Sougan Cindy Martin Dede N'Sougan
June 12 Alyssa Acevero Matthew Diaz Alyssa Acevero
June 19 Patricia Chester Ayele Ayika Patricia Chester
June 26 at 10:45 AM Nathifa Lewis Fritz Olivier Nathifa Lewis

Altar Servers


April 3 Jude Bigord Jennifer Mendy Liston Lobo Michel Paul
April 10 Sianna Charlemagne Maima Mercure Guy Lebrun Zion Bryan
April 17 Joshua Baptiste Joslyn Hawkins Mia Montrose Alyssa Acevero
April 24 Joshua Joseph Kimora Ward Noah Zeno Koko N'Sougan
May 1 Daequan Ward Martin Hawkins Jude Bigord Jennifer Mendy
May 8 Guy Lebrun Joslyn Hawkins Michel Paul Liston Lobo
May 15 Sianna Charlemagne Joshua Baptiste Koko N'Sougan Naima Mercure
May 22 Alyssa Acevero Zion Bryan Mia Montrose Martin Hawkins
May 29 Joshua Joseph Noah Zeno Kimora Ward Michel Paul
June 5 Jude Bigord Daequan Ward Koko N'Sougan Joshua Baptiste
June 12 Sianna Charlemagne Kimora Ward Guy Lebrun Liston Lobo
June 19 Michel Paul Jennifer Mendy Zion Bryan Alyssa Acevero
June 26 at 10:45 AM Naima Mercure Joslyn Hawkins Martin Hawkins Joshua Joseph